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Early Years: Martins

Thank you to Mrs Izzard ( Jesse's mum) for coming in to school to tell us

about her job as a podiatrist.

Martins enjoyed a lovely trip to Warden Abbey on the bus today. 15.05.17.

A big thank you to Miss Pearce (Henry's mum) for showing us the Abbey.

Picture 1 We went on the bus.
Picture 2
Picture 3 It is an old building where monks used to live.
Picture 4 We had fun exploring.
Picture 5
Picture 6 we enjoyed an indoor picnic.
Picture 7

The Jolly Postpeople!


After reading 'The Jolly Postman' we discussed the job that Royal Mail workers do.  We wrote our own letters to somebody at home, stuck a stamp on the envelope, discussed what the different parts of the addrress meant and then went to post the letters at the post box.


Keep your eyes out for some very special mail...I wonder how long it will take to be delivered?



Martins enjoyed a lovely morning with their Mummies, sharing activities together, making bracelets, decorating cakes and doing puzzles together.

Thank you to all our Martins Mums and Happy Mothers's Day!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

The start of Bike Week!

Monday 6th February 2017


Wow!  What an amazing start to Bike Week the children have had!


The children were all very excited to bring in their bikes, trikes and scooters.


After some observational drawings of their bikes, they tested out their cycling skills in the big playground.  We set up an obstacle course and the Martins cheered each other on!


Back in the Martins playground, they rode their bikes through water to make tyre tracks and went through the Bike Wash.


The children ended the day by writing descriptive sentences about their bikes.


I am sure that they will sleep well tonight!



Martins take flight!!


Did you know that Southill has it's own airport?  

Jesse with his passport

After carefully working together to set it up, we ensured that our luggage was packed and our passports were ready.  We flew to Africa via Broom, as well as other exotic places too.


Passports ready!Ready for take off!


Henry the Flight Attendant!


What an exciting morning we have had!


Monday 23rd January 2017

Fun in the snow!

Fun in the snow! 1

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