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Monday 23rd March

Daily challenge

Go outside and find ten things that are natural. Write them in your blue book as a list.

Tuesday 24th March challenge.

Choose five of your words from yesterday and use each one in a sentence. Each sentence must have an adjective (describing word) and a conjunction (joining word such as and, but, because, when). Write them in your blue book.

For example:- daffodils

The golden daffodils swayed when the wind blew. 


Wednesday 25th March challenge

Go outside and make a collection of ten natural things that you find interesting. Think of an adjective to describe each one.

Thursday 26th March challenge.

Go outside and find as many things as you can that start with each letter of the alphabet. Write them in your blue book. Are there any letters that you can't do? 

Friday 27th March challenge.

Find ten things around your home and garden that have the letter 'a' as the second letter in their name. For example:- bath. Write a list in your blue book.


Don't forget to do some reading!