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28th November 2019
Dear Parents and Carers
The Governors wanted to provide an update on what we have been doing as a governing board this term and provide an update on our work in exploring potential partner schools, for Shelton to join with in the future.
We are delighted that Mrs Anderson and the team have been developing links and working with the team at Thomas Johnson Lower School, which is bringing benefits for children. Mrs Haimes, Headteacher at Thomas Johnson has attended some of our governing board meetings this year and we are working together to ensure the children benefit from more opportunities, such as the Values Enrichment and Book Day, which we were pleased to hear the children enjoyed very much. The collaboration also means that staff benefit from sharing ideas and support from a wider group.
Here at Shelton, we have visited classrooms and enjoyed hearing about what Owl class have been learning about the Fire of London and Big Ben. There was some amazing art work including drawings, clay work and computer graphics that the children were very proud to share with us.
Our visit to Eagle class helped us to learn about rotating wheels and axels and we saw some wonderful models the children had made and were testing out.
Violin lessons and the computer work using the Scratch programme have been well received in the school and the children told us what they like about these.
Governors continue with visits to monitor compliance with statutory requirements including provision for special educational needs and safeguarding. We have reviewed policies and made sure that the school is up to date with statutory requirements. At our next meeting we will be reviewing Health & Safety and the findings from our monitoring visits, we will also be discussing the curriculum and hearing about the progress children have made.
We have been delighted to welcome new children to the school, who have recently moved into the area with their families. We have been looking at the resources they need to settle in. We are also aware that some stay for a short period before moving on to schools closer to their home. We have had quite a high level of mobility in pupil numbers this year with several joining Shelton, but then moving on again quite quickly. We have high expectations of everyone in our school and seek to ensure the children fulfil their potential in all areas by providing the best possible resources and opportunities.
We have worked closely with the Local Authority to try and identify a multi-academy trust that would be interested in supporting Shelton and we are also looking at schools who might be interested in federating with us to strengthen the financial position. So far, no one has come forward as a potential partner but we continue in our search.
We would like to thank the PFTA for all the work they have done to provide fun activities and raise valuable funds for the children’s benefit. Mrs Anderson works with representatives from the PFTA to ensure the children get the most from the support you have provided through this group.
Finally, it is only a few weeks away from the Christmas break and we hope all of you have a Happy Christmas and Best wishes for the New Year.
Thank you
Maxine Ward
Chair of Governors