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Free School Meals

Are you entitled to Free School Meals?  If you receive benefits your child could be tucking into a free tasty meal everyday.  Research shows a school dinner can help concentration levels and also provide a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal.


Around 3643 pupils in Central Bedfordshire currently get free school meals (figures supplied by Central Bedfordshire Council in June 2012).  Central Bedfordshire Council think there are lots more who could qualify for free school meals and they would like to help those families to apply for them.


To find out more you can contact the school office or phone the council on: 0300 300 8306 or click on the below.

Sending Out Leaflets

From time to time, we are asked by outside agencies to distribute leaflets advertising events and activities that might be of interest to our families. While the school is willing to pass on the information to parents, we would like to make it clear that we have not vetted the information or the agencies involved and therefore we would recommend that all information is checked and validated by parents.

School Uniform

All main school children are expected to wear full uniform. 3 and 4 year old pupils attending our nursery provision are not required to wear school uniform until they move into Reception class.

Brigade currently supplies our official school uniform, red sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo; our suppliers also offer a range of optional items which we feel parents may find useful and convenient to purchase online. These include a red storm jacket, red waterproof suit, black jogging bottoms for PE, white T-shirt for PE, black shorts for PE and red shoe bags. To order, please use the link below to visit Brigade's website. First time users of the site will need to register first.


  • Under the New Customer section type Shelton and click submit.
  • The next screen should show (Direct to School) Shelton Lower School, click continue.
  • You will then be asked to input your name, address, child's year group, telephone number and email address. Click submit.
  • A passcode will be emailed to you. Once you receive your passcode return to the original starter screen and under returning customers enter your email address and passcode.
  • Please read the next screen and then follow the instructions. On the next screen you will have the option of opening an online ordering help screen and viewing the items available to purchase. 


Orders are processed twice monthly and delivered into school free of charge 14 days after. Please remember to submit the school address only in the delivery fields and include your child's name into special instructions. You can choose to have uniform delivered directly to your home for an extra charge.


All orders are individually packaged with your child's name printed on the front of the package. They will be sent home with your child unless you inform us otherwise.


The rest of the school uniform (white shirts and blouses, skirts, trousers, shoes, trainers, etc.) will still need to be purchased from suppliers such as Tesco, Asda, and Marks & Spencer (to name a few). A school book bag, paid for by the PTFA, will be given to your child when they first start at Shelton Lower School. Further bags can also be purchased from the school office should you ever need to replace your child's bag.


If you have any questions about ordering uniform, please contact the school office on 01234 768269 or email

Procedure for School Closure due to Snow

In the event of severe weather conditions when it is decided not to open school , we will notify you by text message on your mobile phone. We will also place a notice on the school’s website and we usually notify the local radio stations, BBC Three Counties and Heart FM, as well as Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC), so that you can check the CBC website for information using their ‘State of Schools’ (SOS) system.


Parents can sign up for email alerts from the Schools Opening Status (SOS) system about the status of the school during bad weather conditions (i.e. open or closed).  The SOS system also shows the status of the school transport routes, if the buses will be running or not on a particular route.  It also has the ability to provide highways reports on the state of the roads.  All these will be updated live on the website and email alerts will be sent to notify everyone who has registered.  To sign up for this service, parents should visit the website below and register.  The use of the SOS system will be in addition to the measures mentioned earlier.


From November 2018, Central Bedfordshire Council will also be updating their telephone message service.  These updates will allow parents to call in out of hours to hear the latest information regarding bad weather.  Any changes will be made by 7am each morning and their website has been changed accordingly.  The updates on the website also provides all the telephone numbers for transport operators and route information for designated buses.  This information can all be found on the link below.