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Purpose, Vision and Values


Our purpose

To provide an outstanding education and excellent pastoral care for the whole school community

We are committed to delivering an exciting and challenging curriculum made accessible to all in a caring, family school environment.

Our vision

          ‘a haven for children’

          ‘a school to be proud of’

          ‘a place where all are valued’

Childhood is a precious time and to lose it to unhappy days at school is not an option for us. Happy children make serious learners and serious learners mean great results.

Our values

Be inspiring

We want to inspire our children, fire their imaginations and set them off on their life long journey with a love for learning.


           Be nurturing

On their way we will nurture their interests with books, music, arts, science, sports, nature, mathematics, technology and field trips.


           Be responsible

We will look after our children and keep them safe as well as making sure that they leave us with a firm grounding in reading, writing and mathematics. We will show them how to make good choices through our values based education so that they can grow to be responsible, healthy adults one day.


           Be aspiring

To aspire is to achieve. We aim to keep dreams alive and encourage all to aim high so that everyone who is part of our school community believes that they ‘can’ and ‘will’.